Students Succeed Using Math

Good mathematics education is important for our children – for their futures and for the future of our work force and nation. Here are some ways you can encourage your child in learning and doing well in mathematics.

Math Summit What can Parents do to help their children learn mathematics?

  • Make sure your children do their homework – set a time every evening that is “homework” time, check your child’s homework and encourage him or her to write down questions about what they don’t know and to ask the teacher those questions the next day; check your child’s school calendar to see what assignments are due and what tests, projects, and quizzes are coming up; above all, be positive – you may not have had a good math experience in school but by being positive and encouraging your child, you can help him or her do well in mathematics.  Expect your children to be successful and encourage them in this effort. 

    This is the single most important thing you can do.

  • Volunteer to visit your child’s classroom when a math lesson is being taught so you can see what kinds of things we are asking kids to do in math.  Volunteer to visit your child’s classroom to tell the kids about your job or career and how math is used in it.  For examples, carpenters do a lot of measuring and accountants so a lot of adding and averaging and computing percents.
  • Read communication from school and teachers – access school web site, read school  newsletters (and if there is a math problem or suggestions for helping your child learn mathematics, then try those ideas.
  • Do occasional remedial reviews with your child – use or make your own flash cards or buy them or parent activity cards at WalMart or a dollar store.
  • Make everyday math connections with your child when shopping (money), cooking (measuring), setting the table (counting), and traveling in the car (counting the number of cows or Christmas trees or ???), etc  Idea: give your child a cheap tape measure and have them measure everything in the house! 
  • If you have internet access at home, sign up for,, and other web sites that have math lessons and worked out examples and encourage your child to use them
  • Take advantage of open houses and other school events (Family Math Night) designed to help parents understand what the school is trying to do in its curriculum
  • Some math text books have self-help quizzes – encourage your child to do these;  Also some math text books have an interactive tutor – this requires internet access
  • We are working on a tutoring program that will make tutors available to students for low cost 

You + Math = Success!

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